5 star clinical validation

BIHS Approved and Independently validated, the new Diasys 3 Plus and Diasys 3 ABPM devices have been awarded the highest 5 star rating for accuracy.

Arrhythmia Detection...

Finding the needle in the hay stack. Novacor makes it easy

Conclusive Results...

Automatic Arrhythmia Detection and up to 32 days SMART monitoring with R.Test Evolution 4

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New Diasys 3 and Diasys 3 Plus ABPM
Clinically & Independently Validated, 5 Stars and BIHS Approved.

Arrhythmia detection...

Finding the needle in the hay stack. Novacor makes it easy

Vista Series Recorders

up to 11 days, 3 channels, Holter ECG with optional Sleep Apnoea detection

Ambulatory Patient Monitoring

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25 Years of Excellence: Your Trusted Partner for Ambulatory Patient Monitoring

For over a quarter of a century, Novacor UK Ltd has been a trailblazer in delivering top-notch, innovative, and reliable ambulatory patient monitoring systems. We take pride in not just supplying cutting-edge technology but in providing unwavering support that healthcare professionals across Hospitals and Primary Care facilities throughout the United Kingdom & Ireland have come to rely on.

A Commitment that Transcends:

Novacor UK Ltd doesn't just supply equipment; we forge lasting partnerships. Our commitment extends beyond products, ensuring that your healthcare institution receives the support needed to thrive in a dynamic and evolving landscape.

Why Choose Novacor UK Ltd?

  1. Proven Expertise: With a legacy spanning more than 25 years, we bring unparalleled expertise to the forefront of ambulatory patient monitoring.
  2. Innovation that Stands the Test of Time: Novacor's commitment to staying at the forefront of technology means our solutions are not just modern; they are future-proof.
  3. Reliability at Every Step: Our monitoring systems are not just innovative; they are tried, tested, and trusted in diverse healthcare settings.

Join the Novacor Legacy:

For a quarter-century, Novacor  has been synonymous with excellence in ambulatory patient monitoring. Join the ranks of healthcare professionals who have experienced the Novacor advantage and let's continue shaping the future of patient care together.

Our patient monitoring systems

Vista o2
R.Test evolution 4
Diasys 3 - Oscillometric ABPM
Vista Access
Diasys 3 Plus - Advanced Hybrid ABPM
Vista Plus

What our users say

Thanks ever so much for your support & gentle teaching over the phone, I can't wait to get started!.... Be in touch if I need to & thanks for the email info

Jenny Lomas
Senior Practice Nurse, Peterborough

I'm so glad that I met up with you and chose your equipment in the early days. It has served me well and continues to serve me well.

Thank you once again to all your wonderful staff.

Dr P. Curry
Consultant Cardiologist

Novacor provide an excellent service. The system is extremely easy to use and the time from download to results is very quick.  All the staff at Novacor are very helpful and I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Name and address available on request

Since we have had the cardiac monitoring system installed, it has transformed the way that we deliver our service.  We have not experienced any problems since installation and it has really been a great addition to our diagnostics service

Name and address available on request

"R.Test is excellent for rhythm monitoring there is no doubt about this".

Raheel Shaikh
Chief Cardiac Physiologist
Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust

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